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Friday, April 26, 2013

OPI's over Julep's Simone

Here is a super quick manicure I did using one of my many untried in my collection.

I used the very pretty by OPI and layered it over the delicate Simone by +Julep. I liked this pairing since Simone, which I reviewed here, is subtle enough to allow the glitter to pop and still be feminine with it's slight opalescent shimmer.

Have a great one and thanks for stopping by!
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bling it on Denim & Studs from Nails Inc

This catwalk inspired collection features a limited edition denim effect polish with unique denim effect cap and a selection of gold and silver star stud embellishments. The set also includes nail glue and cuticle stick for easy application.

Denim effect polish is a beautiful textured indigo shade that applies glossy and dries down to a classic denim effect finish. The Denim & Studs collection is a fresh take on textured nails and is the simplest way to update your look.  Worn on its own, the polish has a chic minimalistic feel, but for those wanting to make an impact, the collection is packed with mini silver and gold stud stars that will personalize the look. Denim effect polish dries very quickly giving you fashion forward nails in an instant.

I love that Nails Inc is always looking for new things for your nails. From feathers, leather and even rocks. Never settling on just paint and always looking forward. You can buy this kit from the Nails Inc website for £19. This kit isn't on the Sephora yet, but am sure it will turn up shortly for around $25.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness Oodiful

I'm so glad to be sharing with you my first must have indie polish. I waited awhile to buy this polish because it was sold out. And jumped at the chance when it finally became available.

Oodiful is a fantastic light grey jelly with white hexagon glitters and deep pink square glitters of varying sizes. This is three coats with a top coat. No undies.

I truly love this polish. Sadly, Oodiful didn't get as much attention as Flipping Out Hard did, but Oodiful was by far my favorite out of the two Nail Pattern Boldness polishes that I ordered. I have nothing but fantastic things to say about my experience with this line and encourage everyone to check out Allison's shop!
POLISH INFORMATIONBrand: Nail Pattern Boldness
Etsy | Facebook | Blog
Price: $9.00
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness Flipping Out Hard

I've had a very exciting week of nail mail. I gave in and purchased several nail polishes from three different indie makers. I had never bought indie polish before and I am so glad I finally took the plunge.

First up is a polish from Nail Pattern Boldness!

Flipping Out Hard is an awesome clear based polish with micro dust blue, yellow and green glitters. This polish commands to be noticed and it truly delivers. This is two coats over Kleancolor's TLC plus two coats of top coat. Flipping Out Hard is a top coat eater, but I don't mind one bit.

I really wish I had purchased this polish sooner. I really love it. So eye catching and unlike 
anything else in my collection. It's a fun and happy color for Spring and I received many 
compliments while wearing it at work. I have one other color from Nail Pattern Boldness and 
so so so excited to share!

Have you purchased anything from Nail Pattern Boldness? What are your thoughts on indie brands? What is your favorite indie brand?

Nail Polish Boldness is run by Allison and I encourage you to follow her through her Facebook page to stay up to date on all her restocks and beautiful polishes. You can buy her polishes from her Etsy shop or through Llarowe, on both websites the polishes sell for $9.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chevrons with Essie and China Glaze

Hello all. I have a fun and happy looking nail design for you today. It's a simple chevron design that I did a little different than I usually do. Normally I have the triangle only go to the middle of the nail. Today I extended it all the way to the cuticle and I love it! I feel with the triangle being longer it gave the design a much more dramatic look. Such happy little triangles. 

I'm also super late to the party and picked up Essie's Butler Please only yesterday. I was a little worried I may have a blue somewhere in my stash that was gonna be close to Butler Please. Good news, I did not! This color is beautiful and I really should have picked it up sooner. I paired Butler Please with +CHINA GLAZE It's a Trap-eze! I really love this glitter and its likeness to what indie polishes look like.

Enjoy and hope to hear feedback from you on this look!

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review - Nail Art Society Monthly Subscription

I want to start off by saying I was super excited to try +Nail Art Society's monthly nail art program. For $9.95 a month you will be sent a DIY nail art kit, to be shipped to your home, on the 10th of every month. Nail Art Society's goal is to supply you with on trend nail polishes and accessories to help you make amazing nail art at home for a budget friendly price. This sounds fantastic to a nail polish fanatic like myself, so I quickly set up my subscription. This is where all the good ideas and fun times ended.

On March 11th I received an email with my tracking number for my NAS kit. The company ships out of southern California, and I am in northern California. I knew I wouldn't have to wait long so by the 14th I checked my mailbox. Nothing. No worries, I'll check the tracking number. My package information had not been updated since the 11th. Okay, I'm a little miffed but can wait, and I do, until the 18th. Nothing in the mail, and my tracking information hasn't been updated. I reached out to NAS on their Facebook page and got an immediate response saying sorry. The company said they did send my kit, would send a replacement kit and could keep both if two arrived, and that they would check into the matter. I was happy with this and still watched the mail. Again...nothing. I waited until the 25th to contact NAS on their website. Since I had not received the first kit or the replacement kit by this date. I'm pretty mad at this point and write a pretty intense letter stating how mad I was, and that after ten business days, that I had not received my kit after being promised that a replacement kit was being sent. I demanded my money be refunded since I never received their product and that my subscription be cancelled immediately. A few hours later I received an email apologizing again (falling on deaf ears at this point) with a new tracking number of the third kit they were sending me and that they were refunding me my money for all the trouble. This time the kit was actually on its way and made it to my home two days later. (I'll go into how much I was disappointed with the kit next) However, my credit card had never been credited the refund and I had not been sent a confirmation email of my subscription being canceled. Another email to NAS was sent on the 29th simply requesting the refund they offered and to confirm my cancellation. Finally after this last email everything was settled, refund, and canceled. Nail Art Society offered to send me a free kit for April free of charge for all the troubles and lack of follow through on their part. We'll see if that kit shows up or not.

The Kit

Two Nail Fraud kits, fimo roses, caviar beads, kiwi fimo, purple beads and lots of orange flower plastic-y cutouts.

The 3D flowers are super cute but so thick, that I find them to be unusable for nail art. The gold caviar beads are very blah, and are a color I couldn't really see myself using. I think the kiwis are super cute, but there are only twelve pieces. The purple half dome beads are pretty and are the only part of the kit I truly liked and thought I would use. The orange flowers are nice, usable and the quantity is good. The two Nail Fraud kits are neat but so close in color and pattern that I feel like there is no real variety. A HUGE issue with one of the Nail Fraud kits. It had been opened and was missing the clear plastic wrapper that was suppose to contain the cuticle stick and emery board. This kit only had the emery board.

On the NAS website it says, that each kit will include a "step by step How-To instructional card to complete a curated Nail Art Look" for that month. This card only had pictures pulled from the web and no how-to's for their so -called"curated" look of the month. 

Overall I have nothing good to say about my experience with Nail Art Society. Some of you may say I was a little hard on this company, but if you are going to offer a program to the public, and charge people money, you need to do what you promise. I also encourage people to read all the feedback on Nail Art Society's Facebook page. In addition to my experience with this company, this kit felt cheap to me. For the same amount of money I felt I could easily buy more than this kit offered on eBay. In addition this company has huge shoes to fill when comparing it to Julep's Maven program. And it fell short, so so short. Yes the Nail Fraud kits are more than $9.95 each, but they aren't nail art, and that's my biggest over all issue. 

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Love and Beauty Nail Polish

I wandered into +Forever 21 about week ago and picked up a pretty and unique looking baby blue polish with round fuchsia and silver glitters with a light dusting of black micro glitters. I thought it was so pretty and had to buy it.

I really wish this pretty bottle had a name. The name on the back is Baby Blue/Hot Pink. Lol. So imaginative. I felt like layering this over a light teal green rather than a blue closer to the original color. The teal I used was also an unnamed Color Club I picked up at Ross

 What do you think? Do you like this over the teal or should I have stuck to the blue?

I love this look overall. It made me feel like I was wearing an Indie brand polish. I thought the colors looked great together and was pretty and not over the top. What do you ladies think? Do you buy a lot of polish from +Forever 21?
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Challenge - Pastel

Pastels. I love them. So pretty and calming. And fantastic way to wrap up the Easter challenge. I was glad I could take a break from nail art and try something new. I decided to do a delicate quilt pattern with loose glitter accents. 

After finishing the design I wished the colors were reversed. I really loved the bottom colors and they really didn't stand out as much as I had hoped. Lesson learned. This was a fun challenge and will be on the hunt for something new to motivate me.

Anyone doing any challenges? How do you decided what to blog about?
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Easter Nail Challenge - Chick Nails

I'm not gonna mention that I'm a few days behind in the Easter challenge. ;) I have such a high level of respect for girls that can keep up with the challenges. I don't even have that busy of a life, other than work and friends, and I still get behind on the blog.

I'm still running a little low on inspiration, but the challenge is still pushing me to try more nail art, so I'm thankful for that. I used my trust Google, to look at chick nails. I really liked the style of Easter nails that Minnie over at Mini Blog created. Again, my design looked better in my head, but with baby steps I'll get there.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time!

Colors Used
Claire's - Light Pastel Blue (Unnamed)
Julep - Eileen
Julep - Abbie
Essie - Tart Deco
Tres RISK - Brown (Unnamed)
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Monday, April 1, 2013

April Julep Maven Box

I truly look forward to the first of the month when my Julep Maven Box will arrive. Being in love with nail polish, I love receiving new treasures as often as possible. Julep never lets me down with my Maven box, and as always, I'm excited to share with you, what was inside.

I can't wait to try these vibrant eye catching colors.

Aprils Maven box also came with a yummy pink rock candy lollipop. Sadly I ate that before taking pictures. *oops*

If you've already missed this months Maven box you can buy these colors separately from the Julep website for $14 each. Or sign up to become a Maven  to receive your box for $19.99 a month. If you use the coupon code "FreeBox" you can try out your first box for free! You can also cancel anytime or choose not to receive that months box.
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Easter Challenge - Day Three - Easter Eggs

Today's theme is Easter eggs. I loved the image used for the the challenge so that was my inspiration for my eggs.

The Easter eggs didn't turn out too bad, but I hate how my ideas always look so much better in my head. Seeing the eggs hiding in the grass makes me miss the egg hunt fun I enjoyed as a kid. I also miss baskets of candy. *drool* What were/are your favorite Easter candies or traditions?

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