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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review - Nail Art Society Monthly Subscription

I want to start off by saying I was super excited to try +Nail Art Society's monthly nail art program. For $9.95 a month you will be sent a DIY nail art kit, to be shipped to your home, on the 10th of every month. Nail Art Society's goal is to supply you with on trend nail polishes and accessories to help you make amazing nail art at home for a budget friendly price. This sounds fantastic to a nail polish fanatic like myself, so I quickly set up my subscription. This is where all the good ideas and fun times ended.

On March 11th I received an email with my tracking number for my NAS kit. The company ships out of southern California, and I am in northern California. I knew I wouldn't have to wait long so by the 14th I checked my mailbox. Nothing. No worries, I'll check the tracking number. My package information had not been updated since the 11th. Okay, I'm a little miffed but can wait, and I do, until the 18th. Nothing in the mail, and my tracking information hasn't been updated. I reached out to NAS on their Facebook page and got an immediate response saying sorry. The company said they did send my kit, would send a replacement kit and could keep both if two arrived, and that they would check into the matter. I was happy with this and still watched the mail. Again...nothing. I waited until the 25th to contact NAS on their website. Since I had not received the first kit or the replacement kit by this date. I'm pretty mad at this point and write a pretty intense letter stating how mad I was, and that after ten business days, that I had not received my kit after being promised that a replacement kit was being sent. I demanded my money be refunded since I never received their product and that my subscription be cancelled immediately. A few hours later I received an email apologizing again (falling on deaf ears at this point) with a new tracking number of the third kit they were sending me and that they were refunding me my money for all the trouble. This time the kit was actually on its way and made it to my home two days later. (I'll go into how much I was disappointed with the kit next) However, my credit card had never been credited the refund and I had not been sent a confirmation email of my subscription being canceled. Another email to NAS was sent on the 29th simply requesting the refund they offered and to confirm my cancellation. Finally after this last email everything was settled, refund, and canceled. Nail Art Society offered to send me a free kit for April free of charge for all the troubles and lack of follow through on their part. We'll see if that kit shows up or not.

The Kit

Two Nail Fraud kits, fimo roses, caviar beads, kiwi fimo, purple beads and lots of orange flower plastic-y cutouts.

The 3D flowers are super cute but so thick, that I find them to be unusable for nail art. The gold caviar beads are very blah, and are a color I couldn't really see myself using. I think the kiwis are super cute, but there are only twelve pieces. The purple half dome beads are pretty and are the only part of the kit I truly liked and thought I would use. The orange flowers are nice, usable and the quantity is good. The two Nail Fraud kits are neat but so close in color and pattern that I feel like there is no real variety. A HUGE issue with one of the Nail Fraud kits. It had been opened and was missing the clear plastic wrapper that was suppose to contain the cuticle stick and emery board. This kit only had the emery board.

On the NAS website it says, that each kit will include a "step by step How-To instructional card to complete a curated Nail Art Look" for that month. This card only had pictures pulled from the web and no how-to's for their so -called"curated" look of the month. 

Overall I have nothing good to say about my experience with Nail Art Society. Some of you may say I was a little hard on this company, but if you are going to offer a program to the public, and charge people money, you need to do what you promise. I also encourage people to read all the feedback on Nail Art Society's Facebook page. In addition to my experience with this company, this kit felt cheap to me. For the same amount of money I felt I could easily buy more than this kit offered on eBay. In addition this company has huge shoes to fill when comparing it to Julep's Maven program. And it fell short, so so short. Yes the Nail Fraud kits are more than $9.95 each, but they aren't nail art, and that's my biggest over all issue. 


  1. tsk...I'd read about this in another blog and I think you were not harsh at all! Bad customer service deserves being exposed and lashed out at! Uff, how I hate bad service!
    Am sad for you though and for such a stressful experience :(
    Hope it won't keep you from doing nice nail art though ;)
    PS. love the new look on your blog! <3

  2. Thanks Mina! I was a little worried I would get negative comments about how hard I was on the company. They just let me down too much to keep giving them my money. Also thanks for noticing the new layout. Finally happy with it :)

  3. Oh I was much harsher - it's all true. I commented on their Facebook saying we could have taken it in stride with a little communication and they just kept throwing back at me, "We're not a sample subscription. We have to pay for our products." Don't think I ever mentioned samples or compared them to such. Sheesh. I hope April is better for you. :(

  4. You should re-purpose the fimo flowers to make these:

  5. Hi! This is the founder of Nail Art Society. I want to first and foremost acknowledge that I appreciate your feedback, and your complete honesty with your experience. We have been growing exponentially and I'm sorry that you unfortunately had such a terrible experience. I assure you that this is not the type of business we practice and I will personally be addressing this issue immediately. We have been making a lot of changes to the company and are going through some growing pains. There is however NO excuse for the lack of customer service you experienced and In no way can this make up for what you went through and to show we appreciate you as a customer, I would like to personally send some products out to you. If you or any one of your followers have any questions or concerns they would like to address, please feel free to post my personal and direct email to reach me... I believe in transparency and am here to address any and all concerns.

    1. Thank you so much for reaching out to me and trying to better your relationship with me and your company. I will be emailing you. Thanks k you.


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