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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day Five - Lace or Fabric

I had so much fun doing today's challenge. I was able to complete this manicure on my very first attempt. Unlike the last two days. I had never used flocking powder before. It was easy to work with and super fun trying something new.

I painted all my nails white and let that dry. Working with one nail at a time, I then applied a base coat and applied the flocking powder while the base coat was wet. I firmly pressed the flocking powder down and let it sit on the nail for about ten minutes before sweeping the loose flocking powder off my nail with a dry crafting paint brush. For the accent nail I took a thin tipped sharpie pen and drew the heart shape. I then applied a matching pink polish from Kleancolor called Barbie Pink and filled in the heart outline. I then sprinkled the flocking power over the pink heart. I didn't press the heart as firmly as the other nail since I didn't want to lose the shape of the heart. 

I just love this manicure. It's so fun and flirty and very Valentine's Day. Have you used flocking powder? Be sure to check out the other Valentine manicures!


  1. Another adorable mani! Are you just looking at it all the time? I think I would be =) x

    1. I sadly only wore it for about 20 minutes. I'm going to do another mani with flocking powder soon for sure. The little time I did have it on my nails I kept touching it. So weird with it not being soft and slick like I'm use to

  2. Ooh wow, this one is so cute! How lovely the fluffy stuff :-)

  3. This is the cutest flocking mani i think i've seen! SUPER CUTE!!! I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award. please see my post (not spam) for more info!

  4. MY first attempt with flocking powder did not go well at all! Haha! Must try it again! These look fab!*


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